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Here are links to a few more web sites that contain further historical information on the history of the Handes and related families.

» Eilert Sundt's book, Om Bygnings-skikken på landet i Norge [Building Practices in the Norwegian Countryside] (Christiania/Oslo: 1862)

Chapter 11, contains a description and drawings of the sleeping house on Øvre Hande farm in Vestre Slidre, Valdres, Norway. Built in the 1600s, "the Hande loft" was later to become the first building acquired by the Valdres Folk Museum in 1901. Modern color pictures can found on the Valdres Folk Museum entry in Wikipedia

» The Midelfart family and their home in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

The late Sarah Seastone Fought posted these charming pictures of the home and family life of her grandparents, Dr. H.C.U. and Margarita/Margrethe (Hande) Midelfart. Additional information on the Midelfart family can be found in an excerpt from Lois Barland's book, The Rivers Flow On

» The Svenes branch of the Hande family at, Minneota, Minnesota

Herb and Laurel Paul have a wonderful web site dedicated to the history of their respective families. Laurel's great-grandmother was Ingri Knutsdatter (Øvre) Hande. Also, be sure to visit Laurel's web page where her magnificent oil paintings are displayed

» Heimeside for Familien Bergene

Norodd Bergene of Aurdal, Norway, is a descendant of Halstein Olson Hande, who died in 1745 on Midtre Ranei farm in Nord-Aurdal, Valdres, Norway. In this website, Norodd traces his Hande ancestry in Vestre Slidre and offers a secure website to explore all branches of his and his wife Aud’s family tree.

» The Promise of America

The Norwegian Emigrant Museum has posted on-line the transcripts in Norwegian of several letters written in America to relations in Valdres in the late 1800s by Knud K. Hande, his sisters Ragnhild Johnsrud and Randi Hamre to their parents in Valdres, as well as some written by Elling and Nils Ulnes in the early 1900s.  Many of these have been translated into English.  Contact D’Arcy Hande for details. © 2006 - 2022